Amplify Faith

Amplify Faith

Amplify Faith helps young people engage with topics around Christian faith. This may mean just gaining a better understanding of what Christians believe, and for students to reflect upon their own beliefs and values or it may mean helping students and young people explore their own Christian faith further. Core offers to do with this strand include;

Amplify Faith Explore


Target Audience: Year 7&8

A set of four lessons that explore some of the central beliefs of Christian belief. This is done through multimedia, discussion and group activities, and enables all students, to reflect on their own personal beliefs.

Amplify Faith Explore Single Sessions

explore single sessions

Target Audience: Year 6-11

Amplifyouth are able to do one off lessons on subjects you would like to be covered regarding the aspect of faith or ethics from a faith perspective, or question and answer sessions based on the topics that students have been studying


Target Audience: Year 7-11

This can be created for lesson time and/or extra curricular time. Engage is a creative learning area, where students can reflect and engage with themes and ideas relating to faith and life. This can be accessed by anyone as students as it incorporates not only Christian faith ideas, but also questions and opportunities to reflect upon personal beliefs and values and also to engage in creative and practical stations and activities.

This can be created for either primary school age students or senior school age, but needs to be a space that can be left once set up for the duration of the day/week.

Amplify Faith Talking Heads

talking heads

Target Audience: Year 7-11

This is a stream that can be used as part of a day looking at aspects of Christian faith and values, or if you wish to give students extra curricular time to explore faith and values. To access this students can be of any or no faith as talking heads is about raising a discussion and sharing differing opinions around faith and life topics. This is often done through various media types and games, creating fun, interest and great exploration for students.

All these options can be delivered with feedback sheets in order to learning journey and outcomes. These strands can help support outcomes and work around not only Religious Studies but also SMSC.