Amplify Relationships

Amplify Relationships

With the impending directive from the Government in regards to relationship and sex education becoming statutory from 2020, for some this is welcome news, while for others this mandate can seem a daunting and an unknown landscape. Amplify Relationships stream has programmes already set up for this.

Amplifyouth is passionate that young people would receive high quality teaching around building healthy relationships, where students understand their value and worth and equipping them with information and skills to be able to make healthy choices in regards to relationships and sex, so whether you are looking for lessons that enhance and underpin the work that is already going on within your school, or whether you need help in working out what this may mean for your school from scratch, Amplifyouth can help.

Lesson topics that can be covered, at age appropriate stages are:

Amplify Relationships Puberty

Puberty 1&2

While some young people will have very good and informed information about body changes, others do not. For some, some of the very basic and important information about body changes, periods and reproduction can be missing or have not been understood, leading to unnecessary anxiety and confusion. Amplifyouth is able to offer one or two lessons around different aspects of puberty and body changes, so that students have greater confidence as they move through this transition of life.

What makes a healthy relationship?

Often young people feel the pressure to be in a relationship, however how do you know what a ‘good relationship’ looks like? Does it matter? This is a key lesson around understanding value, self esteem, choices and for students to consider what a healthy and unhealthy relationship may look like.

Sexting, the digital world and relationships

In a world where there is often a seamless transition between online and the offline world, where friendships and relationships can take place in both, looking at the digital world and relationships is really important to help students make positive and wise choices about themselves, what they post and also what they view.

Unplanned pregnancy and abortion

Where a series of lessons are elected for, this lesson can be part the series. In a non judgemental way, the realities of unplanned pregnancy and the options from this are looked at. This can also include looking at how families and life begins for people in different ways.

Amplify Relationships STI and Contraception

STI’s and contraception

Understanding some of the possible implications of risky behaviour and choices when it comes to sex is important for students to know. In talking about this and equipping young people with knowledge enables them to make healthy choices around relationships and their sexual health.


This is essential when looking at friendships and relationships. This lesson helps young to explore and understand what consent is and what it may sound like, so that people stay safe, respect themselves and others and that people feel listened to and respected. This process begins with friendship and boundary lines, and moves into relationships.

Amplify Relationships HIV


An estimated 90,000 people in the UK have HIV today this is still a STI and leads people to live with what is classed as a ‘chronic manageable disease’. This is significant and the successful managing of it is often down to early diagnosis. Today many young people know the terms ‘HIV’ and ‘AIDS’, but don’t often have the awareness of the difference between these two terms and also the impact of contracting HIV on someone’s life. This lesson aims to not only inform young people about HIV but also to tackle some of the common misconceptions that can be associated with this STI.

Porn and relationships

An ever-growing place for young people to search out information about sex - but is this always a good thing? This lesson will impact some of the important information and facts about the ever growing concerns around porn and it’s impact in relationships today.