Amplify You

Amplify You

With ever growing complex lives of young people, issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing have become more and more prevalent.  Some students will struggle to engage with school and even attend school due to the issues that they may be facing.  Sometimes these issues need to be referred to a counselling team or mental health services, however for some, they just need time out to talk and be listened to and offered some tools for their toolkit in order to help manage whatever may be going on. The Amplify You stream can provide these tools.

Whether it’s about creating space for a young person to be listened to in order to help them be able to cope with life and succeed in the classroom, or some space for a number of students to be equipped with messages and skills around self esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience; this is something that Amplifyouth offers.

Based on 20 years experience, and carried out through a variety of different types of engaging activities, Amplifyouth can offer lessons, small mentoring group packages or 1:1 services.


Target Audience: Year 6-11

Thrive is a package that takes a look at different aspects of emotional wellbeing and introduces some resilience skills.  Sessions include:

  • Change the record – Taking a look at how we assess our worth and how we sometimes need to change the record.
  • I’ve got a feelin’ – To help students begin to unpack a little of emotional literacy and how being able to identify different emotions and their triggers. Understanding the difference between negative and positive emotions and the impact that this can have on us and everything we do.
  • Under pressure – Taking a look at triggers for stress and feeling overwhelmed and healthy and unhealthy ways these can be dealt with, and possible consequences of these things. Healthy tool options focussed on.
  • Failing forwards – Taking a look at mistakes and failures and understanding that we can learn and move on. Tools on how to reflect and move on.
  • Fixed or Flexible? – Taking a look at how our thinking can determine the outcomes, either push us towards and from trying new things. Tying in with bravery and curiosity.
  • Come Alive! – Better understanding yourself can help you better understand how you learn, how you understand and how to manage those feelings when you’re not in ‘your zone’.
Amplify You Rise and Shine

rise and shine

Target Audience: Girls Year 6-7

Series of 6 sessions with topics around self esteem and some of the big building blocks that can affect/shape this.

  1. A perfect 10 – Looking at an individual’s worth and value
  2. That’s what friends are for – friendship and ways to deal with conflict
  3. Don’t believe all that you see – Taking a look at social media and it’s distortions of truth
  4. Hooked on a feelin’ – How to manage some of the very strong and real emotions someone feel
  5. This girl can – Breaking down gender stereotypes
  6. Mates or dates? – Looking at transition into relationships and when is the right time for things
Amplify You Connected


Target Audience: Year 6-11

A six week program that looks at the digital world that many young people find themselves in. We will explore the great aspects of this world, but also consider some of the pressures and challenges that can come with this as well.

  1. I’m connected – Intro to the course and where they are in their world
  2. Fake or real – Taking a look at online pressures. Comparison game.
  3. Under pressure – Taking a look at cyberbullying – how to identify it/ how to report it/ how to get support to do with it.
  4. Unplug – Taking a look at the importance of having a break
  5. Just mates – Taking a look at the online world line of mates and dangers and risk taking in that


All of these packages come with feedback from the courses and the possibility of a short report, measuring impact of the course.

Amplify You Time for Me

time for me (tfm)

Target Audience: Year 6-11

Time out is a service that Amplifyouth can offer, whereby we come and run a course, initially of 6 sessions for an individual student. Following discussing the reason for the referral with staff, we will meet with the student on a weekly basis, where time and space can be given to them, to try and help them offload and equip them with some techniques, where necessary, to manage some of the challenges they feel that they are facing.  There are no set sessions for these as it would be based on referral reasons and also what the student presents, however topics that can be covered include;

  • Anger
  • Anxiety (exploring reasons for, how it works and techniques to deal with it)
  • Depression
  • Resilience skills and tools
  • Steps for success in the classroom
  • Emotional literacy and intelligence
  • Worries
  • Stress
  • Respect (themselves and others.)
  • Dealing with loss


Time out sessions will come with an overall comment about how the student engaged, topics discussed and touched upon, and observations from the sessions.

Amplify You Equip


Target Audience: Year 6-11

This is a short mental health first aid course for up to 6 students at a time. This is not for those who need professional mental health services or a counsellor, as those at Amplifyouth are not either of these things, however for those who may need a little basic understanding around health issues such as anxiety or depression and at a basic level, self harm, and some tools for their tool kit on how to manage these things.

The course will be about equipping and signposting to more specialised services as well and encouraging them to find networks of support, in and outside of school and would be based on five sessions.

The advice given will be based around the MHFA England (mental health first aid) information and advice.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Target Audience: Years 7-11

Understanding feelings, being able to name a feeling accurately and how to deal with it in a positive way, are challenges faced by many young people and even adults today.

This lesson begins the conversation about what emotional intelligence and literacy is, why it may is important to be able to name emotions beyond the core emotions, and to help equip students with a wide variety of self help tools that can help in managing those feelings.

I’m stressed! Get me out of here!

Target Audience: Year 9-11

Young people today manage a lot of stress. Whether it is through pressures felt from peers, home, social media onslaught or exams, many young people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress which can leave people struggling to cope.

This lesson takes a look at what stress is, how it operates in the body, issues that can occur around this, and possible tools and techniques to help equip young people on how to manage these feelings.