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Girlguiding report suggests a rise in acceptance of abusive relationships

In the 2018 Girls survey report, carried out by the girl guides, was published. The survey found that there were many positive and upward trends around young girls attitudes towards things like leadership and education, there was also some concerning feedback. The concerns included the rise in the number of young girls being unhappy with

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Too soon for sex?

Too soon for sex? Research and findings published in the BMJ suggest so for some young people. Findings included factors such as socio economic background, education levels and the source of their sex education as factors in whether a young person engaged in what would be considered ‘healthy sexual activity’ and at what age. The

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Two million people experience domestic abuse in England and Wales

BBC news report today that 2 million 16-59 year olds have reported experiencing domestic abuse while in a relationship. The law around what ‘domestic abuse’ now covers and other significant changes that are being rolled out can be read here at Teaching young people from an early age about what a healthy relationship looks

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