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Relationship and Sex Education

Taking a look at sexual harassment in 2019 for girls

“It’s just a laugh!” “You’re so sensitive!” “What’s wrong with you? It’s no big deal.” All phrases that can be heard from time to time, whether on a corridor of a school or in a classroom; whether in an office, in a bar or out on the street. Sexual harassment is still prevalent in 2019

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Girlguiding report suggests a rise in acceptance of abusive relationships

In the 2018 Girls survey report, carried out by the girl guides, was published. The survey found that there were many positive and upward trends around young girls attitudes towards things like leadership and education, there was also some concerning feedback. The concerns included the rise in the number of young girls being unhappy with

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How do you measure worth?

How does someone measure their worth? This is a question we could all perhaps take time to consider. For many young people worth comes from a society that thrives on comparison, the ‘not quite good enough’ and the world on online ‘likes’, but where can this lead? The inquisitive mind outlines various researchers findings, suggesting

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