Is it really legal?! Looking at lying when it comes to sex and consent.

Is sex consensual if you have been lied to?

Is consent legal is someone agrees to have sex with a person who has informed them of one thing, but then does another? This debate has been raised yesterday through the case of Jason Lawrence who informed his sexual partner that he had had a vasectomy, but who after having sex, revealed that he had being lying. The article and issues this raises can be read here .

A central part of teaching about consent is about the law. FRIES is a helpful acronym to break down consent: it needs to be freely given, reversible, INFORMED, enthusiastic and specific. If someone has been informed in regards to sexual activity, but afterwards discovers that they have been lied to, can this really be consensual? If someone is not given the true and accurate information and facts from their sexual partner about such things, can they really consent to sex?

We believe consent is incredibly important and needs to exploring well with young people so that they may make good and healthy choices regarding sex. This and other aspects of consent are considered in the consent lesson, available for FREE* to all new schools who partner with Amplifyouth.

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