Two million people experience domestic abuse in England and Wales

BBC news report today that 2 million 16-59 year olds have reported experiencing domestic abuse while in a relationship. The law around what ‘domestic abuse’ now covers and other significant changes that are being rolled out can be read here at Teaching young people from an early age about what a healthy relationship looks

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Are you ready for 2020?

Are you ready for 2020 when RSE becomes statutory? In a recent survey the sex education forum have taken, one in three teachers were documented saying that they had had no training in RSE.  This is a sad, and potentially precarious situation for both staff and students to be left in.  You can see the

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Audit tool for RSE in schools

An audit tool for RSE in schools has been created by the sex education forum as a way to help them audit and prepare themselves, in regards to relationship, sex and health education. A brilliant tool to begin looking at what is needed as we head towards 2020.    

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Amplify Youth Relationship and Sex Education
Relationship and Sex Education

Relationship and Sex Education to become statutory from September 2020

With the draft guidelines for schools released from the Department of Education regarding health, relationship and sex education, for some schools and professionals such a call is being welcomed with open arms, however for others the implementation of these requirements can seem a daunting task. While there are still areas of uncertainty within the guidance,

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Amplify Youth Mental Health
Mental Health

Young people’s mental health deteriorates while waiting to access services

Sadly, for some young people the need for mental health intervention doesn’t come swiftly enough, as highlighted through Laura’s story that you can read here. While there are some incredible services aiming to support and assist young people, there are some young people who literally can been seen to deteriorate in front of you. May

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