Taking a look at sexual harassment in 2019 for girls

“It’s just a laugh!” “You’re so sensitive!” “What’s wrong with you? It’s no big deal.”

All phrases that can be heard from time to time, whether on a corridor of a school or in a classroom; whether in an office, in a bar or out on the street. Sexual harassment is still prevalent in 2019 and it is by far and large targeted at girls and women.

I was asked to do a research project on an area of life that can affect girls. My thoughts were not initially on sexual harassment specifically, but as I began researching about this subject, it became clear that this is still very much an issue in today’s society.

In researching the topic, I discovered that many different groups who have raised concerns about this issue, including multiple government bodies, are expecting, and putting emphasis on the introduction of statutory RSE in schools as one of the main strategies for tackling sexual harassment . The report by the Women’s and Equalities committee about sexual harassment of women and girls can be read here.

While I wrote an essay on the subject, I wanted to create something that a young person could pick up and read, that would inform and hopefully help them, if they found this to be something they were facing. What I have created is a booklet (pictured above), which has received some great feedback so far!

For more information about this, or if you wish to have a lesson on healthy relationships and/or sexual harassment, then please don’t hesitate to contact www.amplifyouth.co.uk.

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